SDSC Cloud Environment Overview

Cloud Design Overview

Technical Specification Highlights

  • Initial 5.5PB Raw Storage, scalable to over 100PB with equal performance scaling.
  • Supported by redundant Arista Networks 7508 switches, providing 768 total 10 gigabit (Gb) Ethernet ports for more than 10Tbit/s of non-blocking, IP-based connectivity.
  • Peak transfer rates of up to 8GB/sec.
  • Direct connections to CENIC, ESNet, and XSEDE networks provides high-bandwidth wide area connectivity.
  • Built on OpenStack ’swift’ object storage software. Supports Rackspace/Swift API and a subset of Amazon’s S3 API.
  • Managed with Rocks Clustering tool kit. Swift ’Roll’ available soon.
  • Off Site replication will be available soon.

Current cluster specifications

Component Features Node Details
Proxy/Auth nodes (16) Dell R610 nodes
  • 2 quad-core X5660 2.80GHz
  • 48 GB memory
  • 2 X 10Gb ethernet

  • Storage nodeA (14) Aberdeen x539 storage servers
  • 2 quad-core E5520 2.27GHz
  • 24 GB memory
  • Areca RAID controller
  • 24 X 2TB drives (48TB RAW) capacity.
  • Storage nodeB (35) Dell R610 nodes
  • 2 quad-core X5660 2.80GHz
  • 48 GB memory
  • PERC H800 RAID adapter
  • Advanced HPC JBOD (direct attached to Dell Storage nodes)
  • Mercury RM436-SB01 in JBOD configuration
  • 45 x 3TB Seagate drives (135TB RAW) capacity.