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SDSC Cloud

Scalable and Accessible Object Storage

SDSC's Cloud Storage provides academic and research partners with a convenient and affordable way to store, share, and archive data, including extremely large data sets. The object based storage system and multiple interface methods make the SDSC Cloud easy to use for the average user, but also provide a flexible, configurable, and expandable solution to meet the needs of more demanding applications.

Utilizing the OpenStack Swift Object Storage software, files (also known as objects) are written to multiple physical storage arrays simultaneously, ensuring at least two verified copies exist on different servers at all times. Continuous automatic data verification provides unparalleled durability, which equates to peace-of-mind for you and your data. Off-site replication to our partner facility provides additional durability and protection against data loss.

Files of any size can be stored in the cloud, from small personal document collections to multi-terabyte backup sets routed directly to the cloud by Rackspace or S3 API compliant applications. Cloud Backup package solutions are also available, using SDSC's CommVault Backup service. And with on-demand storage, you never have to worry about running out of space - your storage scales as needed.

Once objects are in the cloud they are immediately available over the web to other users, the public, or just to yourself. By assigning a URL to each file or container created, SDSC Cloud storage provides a simple way for researchers and other users to effortlessly share any amount of data.

SDSC Cloud Storage Highlights

  • Reliability and Durability. With redundant copies and continuous error checking across the 100% disk based storage system, you can rest assured your data is safe. Load-balancing and automated failover ensure continued access. 10Gb Ethernet switching provides sustained read rates of 8+ gigabytes (GB) per second.
  • Cost and Convenience. Avoid the hassles and overhead of purchasing and maintaining your own storage solution. Store your data in SDSC's enterprise class Cloud Service for as low as $3.25/Month for 100GB ($32.50/Terabyte/Month) with no transfer costs. Your storage scales as your needs scale.
  • Store and Share Securely. Store any number of files of any size. Instantly share them over the web with other users or to the public. Every data file is given a persistent URL, making the system ideal for sharing data such as library or institutional collections. Access permissions can be set by the data owner, allowing a full spectrum of options from private to open access. The Cloud is great for direct system backups, file archives, web applications, streaming media, and user file storage. For customers with PII, PHI, or other sensitive data concerns, a HIPAA compliant storage option will be available soon.
  • Simple and Accessible. The SDSC Cloud Explorer web interface provides easy access from anywhere, anytime. Many feature-rich clients are available for almost all platforms, including mobile devices. Or use the Rackspace or S3 API to integrate your own application or device.

Getting Started

Please read the "Using the Cloud" and the "Pricing Information" sections, then complete your account request form here.

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